How To Remove Viruses

The main purpose of Computer Viruses, Malware, and Spyware is to exploit weaknesses in computer system.  As more computers are connected to the Internet, the spreading of Viruses, Malwares, and Spywares have run rampant the last decade.  Pratically all Internet connected computers have been at one point or another exposed to these malicious attackers. As more and more of our daily lives involves getting online and connecting to the Internet, it's vital that we keep our computers Virus free.  It's important to immediately remove viruses that are detected on your computer.  Ignoring the virus will lead to failed applications, data losses and possible system crashes.  

Our goal at Remove Viruses is to help educate our visitors on the best ways to keep a clean running computer free of viruses.  The three most important things you can do for your computer is the following:

  • Keep your system up to date with the latest patches.  This is especially true if you are running anyone of the Microsoft Operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.)  I would advise you to set your system up for Automatic updates and have the following settings set: "Download the updates automatically but notify me when they are ready to be installed."
  • Install a virus scanning software such as Trend Micro Virus Scan, Symantec Antivirus, or Kypersky Antivrus.  Our Ratings of the top Antivirus software for home and businesses can be seen on the left hand side.
  • One of the most important ways viruses are distributed is via emails or websites that offer downloads.  If you receive an email with an attachment from an unknown source, do not open it, there's a strong likelihood of it containing a virus.  Attachments from known sources can also carry a virus, so it's important to have a virus scanner installed and running with the latest updates.  Recently there have been more websites that will infect your computer by prompting you with a false alert popup message, asking you to download software that claims to be free and will protect you from viruses.  When in reality, the software itself is a version of a malware that will infect your computer and encourage you to buy software from their company to clean the malware.

Following these three simple procedures is a good start to protecting your computer and data from crashes, corruption and identity theft.

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